Work-in-progress. I aspire to portray two specific, but simultaneously intricate, settings: spaces that one cannot physically leave and spaces that one cannot physically access. After having carefully read hundreds of online profiles of prisoners looking for pen pals, I have started to correspond with inmates serving life sentences across US. I am asking them to describe the spaces in which they live and those they are longing for and dreaming about. I then send back to my collaborators printed images inspired by their letters and their descriptions of spaces. These exchanges on paper, slowed by the anachronistic pace of the US postal service, are the base materials for a book and a series of installations, videos and photographs mapping an imaginary institutional space and exploring themes of displacement and memory, and the complex layers and mechanisms embedded within. I was awarded a Project Grant to Visual Artist from the Canada Council for the Arts for this project. Read an essay about the project in Vol. 43 of Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism.